To come up with the best response for your needs, SYSTÈME INTÉGRATION GLOBAL INC. can participate in all stages of the implementation of your IP network, from design studies to trials, through to the provision and installation of the hardware. Whether it’s wired or wireless, through a structured approach, our duly certified technicians can advise you on the migration and integration plan of your IP network.

Upgrade your IT network while updating your equipment based on your present and future needs:

  • Internet access and network monitoring
  • LAN/WAN configuration
  • Static/dynamic IP
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN).
  • Network equipment (network switch, router, terminal server, WiFi access points, firewalls)
  • Configuration of your PC, printer, and any other equipment that needs a connection
  • Secure VPN access
  • VPN concentrator
  • Wireless network diagnostics
  • IP phone systems
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