Today’s small businesses depend on information technology in order to stay competitive. An IT problem is synonymous with a loss of time, income, and productivity, and can be a real source of frustration.on.


Système Intégration Global offers proactive IT services based on best practices that let you minimize computer failures, increase productivity, and align your IT systems with your goals.

Our IT tools allow us to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and your network in real time and at a distance. We guarantee the high availability of your IT services, the continuity of your business, the productivity of your employees, and the stability of your networks.

We offer the flexibility of business hours required by your business, peace of mind, and the ability to work according to a set budget.

You’ll thus get an IT department for a fraction of the cost while benefiting from the advantages of trained technicians and qualified project managers.


What we offer: :

  • Real-time monitoring of your network and IT infrastructure;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Security management;
  • 24/7 service;
  • Ultra-fast technical support over the phone or internet;
  • Incident monitoring tools;
  • Performance reports
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