Transform your business to deal with market challenges
More and more, SMEs are confronted with the growing demands of globalization. Business combinations, in addition to a difficult economic climate, account for much of the pressure faced by SMEs. They are thus forced to rethink the way they do business. To become more competitive, these companies have to better understand and monitor their customers, expand into new markets, and generate new revenue streams with technology related to products and services.


Expertise in the field of providing technology solutions based on the best practices of the IT industry fills a gap that was apparent up until now. SIG therefore shares its expertise and its deep knowledge to offer SMEs the ability to grow their business while reducing their costs.

SIG helps SMEs adapt and remain competitive by transforming their business model and their technology. We develop, set up, and manage all of the complex systems on which their success depends. Our all-inclusive solutions have the ability to transform small businesses in various fields.


Thanks to our experience and know-how, SIG:

  • Provides services to several prominent national customers;
  • Possesses the comprehensive experience of several professionals dedicated to SMEs;
  • Offers complete outsourcing services to SME customers.
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