A company incorporated in 2013 and located in Québec, SYSTÈME INTÉGRATION GLOBAL INC. is a business that offers a wide range of innovative information technology solutions. Our engineers develop custom-made solutions for our customers that deal with the planning, design, implementation, and management of business-related IT projects. Our service offerings include, in particular: networking, structured wiring in industrial facilities, the installation of a wide range of IP phone systems and products, management and support for IT infrastructure, and IT outsourcing. We know that the value of a communication solution varies from one business to the next, and thanks to our highly qualified experts, we guarantee reliable service from the beginning to the end of the project.


Our mission consists of “providing simple and sustainable technological solutions” to our customers.


To meet the challenge that awaits us, a vision and values shared by all levels of the business is necessary. They are a source of inspiration for all our employees and a source of trust for our customers. “We will be one of the best system integration companies in Canada.” To do this, we use cutting-edge technology aligned with sustainable development and act as a responsible company in the IT industry.

How does SYSTÈME INTÉGRATION GLOBAL INC. bring this vision to life?

We attract the best employees. We will be the benchmark for innovative IT solutions in Québec thanks to the quality of our services and the excellence of our business practices.

We’re constantly looking for ways to outdo ourselves, aiming for sustained growth while maintaining our profitability and our affordable prices, striving for excellence, and meeting our commitments.



  • Communicating honestly and knowing how to listen;
  • Understanding and appreciating everybody’s opinions.


  • Being guided by the principles of ethics and professionalism;
  • Striving to meet our commitments;
  • Being responsible for our decisions and our actions.


  • Acting in good faith, in a fair and impartial manner;
  • Acting loyally.


  • Acting consistently;
  • Ensuring our sustainability and our involvement in the communities;
  • Promoting sustainable development.
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